Lodi EEI

Watershed Education at Lodi Unified School District

About Lodi EEI

Lodi Unified students learn about how research vessels work aboard the Robert G. Brownlee of the Marine Science Institute.

Lodi EEI is part of the California Education and the Environment Initiative. The statewide program is a free K-12 curriculum that teaches science skills, history and social science using environmental topics, such as water and energy, as a lens.

Lodi’s EEI program focuses on the Mokelumne Basin and local watershed, including the California Delta. Students in the Earthkeepers and Storm Drain Detectives programs have the opportunity to:

  • Visit local water treatment plants, fish hatcheries, and dams to follow our water as it travels from the Sierras down the Mokelumne River and out into the Delta.
  • Learn about the plants and animals that make their homes on the Mokelumne River and in Lodi Lake and the Delta.
  • Find out local causes of water pollution, how water is cleaned, and how they can help.
  • Learn how to test water quality and other benchmarks.

Past projects taken on by the Earthkeepers and Storm Drain Detectives include:

  • Field trips with the Marine Science Institute.
  • Growing a community garden.
  • Raising young salmon.
  • Writing, creating artwork and taking photos for the annual Mokelumne Current student newspaper.
  • Creating community art projects, such as a tile mosaic trash receptacle at Heritage Elementary School.
  • Organizing an environmental science conference.